Discover Kortrijk
The Golden River
Metamorphosis of a city 

Having its roots in the flax industry, Kortrijk always considered its river the Leie (Lys in French) as its golden river. In the past decade, Kortrijk has undergone a metamorphosis and brought its citizens back to it.

New bridges, high education buildings, a new subtropical swimming pool, ... Everything has been built in the past 15 years.

This resulted in a green urban feel and vibe that brings more and more young people back to the city of Kortrijk and results in a dynamic environment where young people can thrive again.

Buda Island and Overleie
The 'Berlin' of Kortrijk

The 'Buda Island and Overleie' are a meltpot of cultural, innovative and fun initiatives in one area.

You can drink a cocktail at Buda Beach or drink your special slowcoffee at one of the bars in the area. You can enjoy the historical sight of the 'Broel Towers' at the recently renovated borders of the Golden River, or enjoy some theater in Antigone or a cultural movie at Budascoop.  If you want to learn new and innovative things you can join workshops at BUDA::lab.

In short, the area is vibrant and has lots of activities going on.  This area is certainly the place to be if you want to surround yourself with energetic and positive people.

Kortrijk Weide
Terminal station for a train warehouse area

The area of the train warehouse has been redeveloped in the past 5 years.

Not only is it the location of the subtropical swimming pool (Lago), it is also the area where the local co-creation hub 'Hangar K' is situated. It encourages creative young entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

There is also a skate park, public event facilities and higher education schools like cvo Miras and The Level (Howest).

K in Kortrijk
Shopping with a big K

In the center of the city, there is a shopping mall with all the well-known brands and retail necessities.

You can park underneath the building. Then take the staircases up to the many stores available to you under the the large glass dome. Shopping days are regularly held.

You can combine your shopping trip with a visit to the big market square.